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Reproducibility of High-Throughput Sample Properties Produced by a High-Temperature Molten Metal Droplet Generator

Saeedeh Imani Moqadam, Michael Baune, Ingmar Bösing, Carsten Heinzel, Daniel Meyer, Arne Thomann, Nicole Wielki, Nils Ellendt

Metals (2020) 10, 297

A high-throughput method for the discovery of structural materials requires a large number of samples with highly reproducible properties. We propose using spherical micro-samples, which can be quickly produced by molten metal single droplet processes with high geometrical reproducibility. However, geometrical reproducibility does not automatically yield in the reproducibility of specific properties that are governed by the microstructure and thermal history of the samples. This work evaluates the reproducibility of two different steels (AISI D3 and 5140) in their as-synthesized state without additional heat treatment. By determining a set of well-established high-throughput descriptors by electrochemical analysis, particle-oriented peening, and micro machining, we show that high reproducibility can be achieved. Additionally, the determined properties correlate well with their austenitic (AISI D3) and martensitic (AISI5140) state. The AISI D3 shows an improved corrosion resistance, increased cutting forces during machining, and a higher deformation during particle-oriented peening. The reproducibility of the sample synthesis indicates that this type of sample is well suited for high-throughput methods to find new structural materials.

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