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Structural Transitions Driving Interface Pulses in Methanol Oxidation on Rh(110) and VOx/Rh(110): A LEEM Study

Bernhard von Boehn, Jon-Olaf Krisponeit, Jens Falta, and Ronald Imbihl

Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2021), 125, 22539–22546

With LEEM (low-energy electron microscopy) and micro-LEED as in situ techniques we have studied the structural transitions in the excitation of traveling interface pulses (TIPs) in bistable methanol oxidation on a bare Rh(110) and on a Rh(110) surface covered with a 0.1 monolayer of V oxide in the 10–4 mbar range. Close to equistability, a (1×1) structure coexists with O-induced reconstructions of the “missing row” type at the interface. An oxidation pulse traveling along the interface exhibits a substructure consisting of various reconstructions of the “missing row” type; on the reduced surface, the slow development of a c(2×2) structure is accompanied by a strong loss of the (0,0)-beam intensity. The addition of 0.1 monolayer of V oxide increases structural disorder but causes no qualitative changes in the structural transitions.

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