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Internship Abroad

To satisfy students' demands for practical training abroad during their course of study, most degree programmes require an internship. An internship is meant to give students the opportunity to learn about their field in a real working environment. The emphasis lies on learning.

An internship abroad offers students additional advantages:

  • You will learn about new cultures and working environments
  • You will learn new ways of working and problem-solving strategies
  • You will be able to practise and perfect your language skills under real life conditions
  • You will widen your chances for an international career

The "International Internship Manual" is meant as a compact guide, to help students at the University of Bremen to successfully plan their internships abroad and have a valuable experience. You will find information on different regions of the world as well as information on financing and where to find additional and reliable information.

The part of the handbook which is addressed to employers is meant to facilitate communication with employers. All this aims to help you shape your individual planning stage, since there is no such thing as "a golden path" or a "secret recipe". Your time abroad will be one of the most valuable and best experiences during your studies, even if you might only realise so afterwards. The more so if it has been tailored to your individual ideas and wishes. The more so i fit has been tailored to your individual ideas and wishes, by you and based on solid/reliable information.

Having said this, enjoy reading our handbook and we wish you success with your internship abroad.

Please note: You will find further information supplementing the Information contained in this handbook on the Career Centers German website. This information is targeted especially at students at the University of Bremen. There you will also find information on Seminars organized by the Career Center.

Office Hours

Advice for students, graduates and research assistants who want to apply for an internship or a job abroad. Until further notice via telephone, email or video conference systems.

Angela Schütte
by appointment only

E-mail: aschuettprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de

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