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career after graduation

Career Center- Newsletter

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career planning at home and abroad

Career Services of the faculties


collaboration between academics

Contact Information

Continuing Education

contractual cooperation agreements

Cooperation on Development

Country Information

Culture related occupations

Current News

Czech Republic


Gender- and Diversity-relevant skills

General information on international internships

General links: Job & Internship search engines

Geography and Geology

Going International: Working Abroad

Guidebook for International Employers


i.e. strictly study-related internships

individual qualification goals

informational and training seminars

information for exchange students

Information technology

internationalization fund

internationalization strategy

International Organisations

International Work Experience

Internship Abroad

internship manual

Internships (available in German only)

internships abroad

Internships domestic

Internships in Germany


job application advice

Job application and self-presentation skills

Job application strategies

Job developments for graduates

job for students

job market perspectives

job placement by the Federal Employment Agency's University Team

Jobs & Internships

Jobs and internships search

Jobs and Practical Application

jobs as student assistants

job search for foreign students and graduates


künstliche Intelligenz


Networks and special advice for women (available in German only)

Newsletters on the job market and career start


Offerings of the Federal Employment Agency

Offerings of the University of Bremen

online jobfair


Organisational and Legal Aspects

Organisational and self-management skills

Organizational and Legal Aspects


quality management in teaching


Young Universities for the Future of Europe


Explore our YUFE partners YUFE Mobility Award YUFE - Young Universities for the Future of Europe YUFE - Young Universities for the Future of Europe

YUFE alliance

YUFE - Young Universities for the Future of Europe

YUFE Mobility Award YUFE Staff Journey YUFE Staff Mobility research mobility

Explore our YUFE partners

YUFE YUFE Staff Journey YUFE Mobility Award YUFE Staff Mobility YUFE Research Mobility YUFE Research Mobility Grant YUFE Mobility Grant