Internship in Germany

To satisfy the students' demand for practical experience during the course of their studies internships are a compulsory part of most curriculums.

The term internship usually refers to a temporary employment which students complete as part of their curriculum in order to gain practical experience.

After the implementation of the tiered degree programmes, the term internship has been broadened to encompass activities in the occupational fields that are directly related to the degree programmes.

One of the primary goals of bachelor programmes is "employability", this goal encompasses more than the literal translation into German as "Arbeitsfähigkeit" or "Berufsfähigkeit". Practical training has gained a new dimension at the University of Bremen as part of the structural reforms. It is no longer sufficient to train students for an academic profession per se, but equally important to build up competences in their specific professional field.

The university offers many programmes meant to help students achieve these goals: Programmes to help develop skills in foreign languages, information technologies, as well as presentation and communication skills.

Internships are an important building block in achieving "employability". The process of finding an internship as well as having the internship approved are guided by strict quality guidelines to assure a win-win situation for students and companies alike.

The handbook "Wegweiser Inlandspraktikum - Ratgeber für Studierende" offers students and companies important information concerning internships. The handbook contains information on legal issues such as

  • internship contracts,
  • insurance,
  • wages and pay
  • quality standards for the internship.

The handbook also provides answers on questions such as: finding the right internship / the right intern, what can I expect of an internship / an intern, what measures ensure the highest mutual satisfaction. You will find the handbook under "Further Information" or in our download section.

Consultation Hours

Advice for international students, graduates and research assistants with temporary positions (Incomings) (in German and English)
Julia Heber
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Consultation hours:

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 09.30 – 12.00 and from 13.00 – 15.00
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Overview of the counselling services offered by the Bremen - Bremerhaven Employment Agency team

Inlandspraktikum - Wegweiser für Studierende

Inlandspraktikum - Wegweiser für Studierende
Praktikum in Deutschland - Wegweiser für Studierende (only in german available)
Inlandspraktikum - Wegweiser für Arbeitgebende

Inlandspraktikum - Wegweiser für Arbeitgebende
Inlandspraktikum - Wegweiser für Arbeitgebende (only in german available)
Inlandspraktikum - Wegweiser für Studierende & Arbeitgebende

Inlandspraktikum - Wegweiser für Studierende & Arbeitgebende
Inlandspraktikum - Wegweiser für Studierende & Arbeitgebende (only in german available)