Whom do we advice at the Career Center?
Whom do we advice at the Career Center?
On which topics do we advise?
On which topics do we advise?
On which topics do we advise?
On which topics do we advise?
How do we advise?
How do we advise?
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  • How to apply in Germany
  • Internship in Germany
  • Internship Abroad
  • Practice-Oriented Studies
  • Studying - and afterwards?
  • Further supporting offers for the study phase

Consultation hours

Angela Schütte
Advice for students, graduates and research assistants who want to apply for an internship or a job abroad.

Is currently absent due to illness. Counseling is currently taken over by Julia Heber!

Julia Heber
Advice for international students, graduates and research assistants with temporary positions (Incomings) (in German and English)
by appointment only


Consultation hours:

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 09.30 – 12.00 and from 13.00 – 15.00
Friday from 09.30 – 12.00

Overview of the counselling services offered by the Bremen - Bremerhaven Employment Agency team


How to apply in Germany

Finding a job can be a challenging task, no matter where you’re from. For people with an international background, however, job searching can present some additional challenges. We’ve collected tips designed specifically for job-searching international students, graduates and scientific workers. The Career Center is here to help!


Internship in Germany

Nowadays, internships form an integral part of university studies. They are an essential building block for a successful career start. The guide provides information on formal legal issues and quality standards for internship content. It also provides answers to questions such as how to find a suitable internship or suitable interns, what can and should I expect from an internship or interns.


Internship Abroad

An internship abroad offers students additional advantages: you will get to know different cultures and ways of working, you will discover new ways of thinking and solving problems, you will be able to test and further develop your language skills under "real life"-conditions and you will further your chances for an international career.


Practice-Oriented Studies

In addition to practice-oriented teaching and research, the university offers you advice and support in practical and career orientation as well as in the design of your studies.


Studying and afterwards?

Out of university and into the job! The University of Bremen also offers a wide range of support services for starting a career and for the time after graduation.


Further supporting offers for the study phase

The ADE is a specialist counseling center for dealing with conflicts, discrimination and violence in the field of education, studies and employment. Our offer includes advice and information, events and training.


On these pages you will find all the organizations and information for students or employees with family responsibilities. Studying, teaching, life and carework - we know that these areas of life can be in tension.


The HIB at the University of Bremen advises and informs about application procedures and career entry, labour and social security issues, Hartz IV for students and graduates, scholarships through the Hans Böckler Foundation, etc.


KIS is an advisory service for students with visible or invisible physical or mental impairments.

KIS provides advice on
  • academic adjustments during your studies
  • study organization
  • financial support
  • hardship provisions and academic adjustments when applying to university
  • support services


kivi ist eine Initiative von Studierenden der Universität Bremen, die sich seit über zwanzig Jahren einsetzt für

  • Studierende mit Beeinträchtigungen
  • eine diverse Universität

kivi vertritt eure Belange in der Hochschulpolitik, bietet individuelle Beratungen an, organisiert Veranstaltungen und setzt sich für bauliche Barrierefreiheit an der Uni ein. Außerdem verwaltet kivi Räumlichkeiten für spezielle Bedarfe, wie beispielsweise den Ruheraum im Studierhaus oder den Hilfsmittelraum für Sehbeeinträchtigte der Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Bremen (SuUB).

kivi is an initiative of students at the University of Bremen that has been working for over twenty years for

  •     students with disabilities
  •     a diverse university

kivi represents your interests in university politics, offers individual counselling, organises events and campaigns for structural accessibility at the university. In addition, kivi manages rooms for special needs, such as the quiet room in the Studierhaus or the room for visually impaired students at the Bremen State and University Library (SuUB).

Apart from studying, many big personal changes occur during this period: Old friendships end and new relationships are formed. Parents may become more remote, partnerships develop, and there is a need to start planning for the longer term, both in terms of your career and your social life. It is common that new students, in particular, become a little disoriented, or feel under competitive pressure to perform, and suffer from self-doubt.

Psychological Counselling Centre
Bibliothekstr. 7 (Zentralbereich Campuspark)
28359 Bremen
Phone: +49 (0) 421 22 01 - 1 13 10
pbsprotect me ?!stw-bremenprotect me ?!.de


The social counselling service supports all students, prospective students, and graduates seeking advice who need support with and information on personal, social, and financial matters closely related to student status and student life.


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