Starting Your Job

Your first day of work can be exciting but also a little scary. If you’ve never worked in Germany before, take some time to inform yourself about what to expect in a German workplace.

  • Keep helpful resources around you. These could be internet bookmarks for translators, grammar help, or a phonetic alphabet. It can also be helpful to have one of your grammar books from one of your old language courses in your desk for easy reference.
  • Prepare for any meetings you have in writing. This can help you remember important vocabulary or well as help keep you on topic if you’re feeling nervous.
  • If you write many emails, use email templates. If there are certain topics you write many emails about, ask one of your colleagues if they can double-check your grammar on the template for you.
  • If you’re speaking in a language which has a formal and informal “you”, make a list for yourself of which “you” you use with which colleagues.
  • Know that misunderstandings will happen sometimes. Take a deep breath, accept them, and move on. It will get easier with time!