We hope that reading the previous pages has shed some light on the idea, objectives, and practicalities of hiring student interns from the University of Bremen. The university appreciates your interest and would like to invite you to give it a thought, and then a try. Should you find that you need support in the selection process, or if you are planning to establish a continuing influx of trainees for your company, please do get in touch with the Career Center. We are very close to our students and the faculty, and could play a valuable role in publishing your vacancies as well as in screening students for you. This approach has, for some employers, already proven to be very useful and has sometimes become the beginning of a closer and ongoing co-operation. Employers have gained from hiring competent interns to learn from and, at the same time, practically support their own workforces, while trainees have profited by gaining extremely valuable practical insights. Often enough, the encounter between employers and students within the framework of a structured practical training experience has brought about some successful professional careers. We would therefore like to invite you to have a think about this approach and are hoping to hear from you soon.

The following outline, aiming to serve as a useful instrument, lists the most common steps and activities occurring in study-related internships. It is neither meant to be fully comprehensive nor to present an obligatory framework.