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Practice & Counselling Contacts in the Faculties of the University of Bremen

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Internships in Germany

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Internships abroad

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  • Tipps für Studierende
    Advice for students. Some students work semester-round to finance their education. Others only work during the semester-break to earn some money. Whether you will have to pay social security contributions depends on several factors. This brochure by the Deutsche Rentenversicherung answers most questions, gives valuable advice and lists contacts for further information.
  • Deutsches Studentenwerk
    The Deutsches Studentenwerk (German National Association for Student Affairs - DSW) is a voluntary association of Germany’s 57 Studentenwerke (student services organisations). These organisations fulfil public tasks in the provision of economic, social, health and cultural support to students enrolled at all German higher education institutions. Here you can find a Flyer with information on part time work.


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Federal Employment Agency

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