More and more, companies and organisations around the globe co-operate internationally. We aim to support employers seeking to identify well-qualified international employees and to establish global business contacts. For that purpose, the University of Bremen’s Career Center will gradually expand this section of our homepage, which is tailored to the particular needs of international employers. For example, the Career Center could help you:

  • Find university students and graduates to join your workforce as trainees, interns, or regular employees;
  • Establish interesting contacts to reputable companies who are associated with the university and located in Bremen’s well-known Technology Park;
  • Prepare events which will offer you the opportunity to present your enterprise to the academic population of the University of Bremen, including scientific staff as well as potential candidates for employment.
Further information:

Job Portal

Offers for graduates, assistants, postgraduates, interns, "working students", student assistants as well as vacation / part-time jobs and student research projects can be published in our Online Job Fair. You can post the offers without prior registration.


Practical Training

In fact, international work experience is regarded as one of the essential elements of our curricula by the University of Bremen. For years, we have been encouraging our students to complement their university studies by actively pursuing practical training opportunities, at home and abroad.


Guidebook for International Employers

Right now, in the Practical Training Guidelines and the Guidebook for Employers  you will find extended information and comments on the ways student interns from Bremen plan their international work experience phases, and many useful tips on how to organise an internship economically and efficiently for the host company. In case you would like to find out even more, of if you have any ideas or suggestions about things we could do for you, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our staff at the Career Center.

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