RLAT – tools for rapid porting to new languages

Language technologies today allow people around the world to participate in the information revolution and to link people together, helping to overcome language barriers. Given the existence of more than 6,900 world languages, it is currently impossible to provide language processing technologies to all (or even many) languages. The cost and time associated with the development of speech recognition, proccesing or translation components, allow for creation of these components only in a narrow range of world languages. Besides time and money to develop language processing technologies also well-trained specialists are needed. With the undertaking "RLAT - Rapid Language Adaptation Tools" we try to lift these restrictions by developing interactive web-based tools that will enable everyone to create voice-processing systems themselves. The interactive tools necessary for the development of speech are available on the web. During the development the user can record their own speech data, automatically create the language processing components, and evaluate the same at the click of a button. The latter enables iterative improvement of the systems.

As part of RLAT held a number of projects: