Research Topics in the Field of Electrochemistry

We use electrochemical methods for electrocatalytic reactions, for example the recovery of metals from ores or the reduction of carbon dioxide to valuable chemicals. In addition we use electroanalytical thechniques and electrochemical modeling for corrosion studies.

Schema der Zelle zur CO2 Reduktion


The aim of this project is to convert CO2 into usable green chemicals. This is to happen with the help of enzymes, i.e. proteins that control biochemical reactions. The enzymes need a fuel for the conversion of CO2: NADH. Our research is concerned with the recovery of NADH via electrochemical reactions. This should enable a cycle process in which the enzymes convert CO2 and consume NADH in the process; this is then recovered at an electrode and is available to the enzymes again.


Electrochemical Reduction of Regolith

The plan to establish a colony on Mars, with the huge demand for construction materials and oxygen as life support, could only be plausible through the advancement of in situ processes. The top loose layer of soil on Mars (regolith), composed of various metal oxides, could be a reach resource in this respect.

Transportmechanismus und Grenzflächenreaktionen innerhalb der Oxidschicht

Oxide film modelling

Oxide films play an important role in corrosion protection r in the semiconductor industry. In this project we model oxide films for the prediction of corrosion behavior.