Heat and mass transport in graded monolithic catalyst during gas and multiphase reactions (GRK 1860)

Open cell foams, also known as solid sponges, have exceptional properties making them a good option for monolithic catalyst support. The aim of this project is to investigate the effect of structural features of sponges on mass transport and reaction performance of highly exothermic gaseous and multiphase reactions.



Due to the fluctuating nature of natural resources, power-to-gas (PTG) and power-to-liquid (PTL) technologies are known as good options for storage of overproduced power. Methanation of CO_2 and Fischer-Tropsch synthesis (FTS) are two well-known highly exothermic gaseous and multiphase reactions in PTG and PTL technologies, respectively.

Open cell foams have advantageous properties such as high porosity, a continuous solid phase, a large specific surface area, and they allow for radial flow dispersion making them a good choice for these reactions.

Computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulations based on micro X-ray computer tomography (µCT) imaging besides nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) measurements help us to predict and visualize flow patterns, velocity profiles, and heat and mass transport along the sponge as well as temperature and concentration profiles. In fact, simulation results will be compared with NMR measurements to assess the quality of the model. This model then can be used to investigate the effect of structural features of the sponges on mass transport and reaction performance.

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Lars Kiewidts Doktorarbeit 
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Graduate school MIMEMINA (GRK 1860)

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