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The Department of Chemical Process Engineering (CVT) is dedicated to the research and teaching of heat and mass transfer phenomena in technical reactions, electrochemistry and the recovery of valuable materials. In doing so, we gain fundamental knowledge by means of simulation and experimentation and are interested in developing sustainable technologies in collaboration with industrial partners.
In reaction engineering, the focus is on the development of novel processes for chemical energy conversion and storage. Further, we use electrochemical methods to analyze materials and for sustainable processes. As a contribution to the circular economy, we develop methods for recovering ultra-fine valuable particles from dusts and sludges and techniques for upcycling residual materials. The department is led by Prof. Dr-Ing. Jorg Thöming.

The group "Chemical Production Engineering" (FG 22) is a member of the Faculty of "Production Engineering - Mechanical and Process Engineering" (FB 4) of the University of Bremen. The group is also part of the Center for Environmental Research and Sustainable Technology (UFT). The UFT is a Central Research Unit of the university and thus fosters networking activities on campus. At the UFT, biologists, chemists, ecologists, and engineers perform research on two core themes: resource protection and minimization of risks for men and environment.

Head of department

Prof. Dr.-Ing Jorg Thöming

Raum UFT 2020

Tel. 0421-218-63300

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Janiene Bobrink

UFT 2030

Tel.: +49-421-218-63301

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Reza stands next to his poster beaming with joy

Reza presented a poster at the Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry in Lyon

We are excited to share that Ph.D. candidate Reza Fayaz presented a poster of his latest findings at the 74th Annual Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE) in Lyon, France.

Simon is putting his graduate hat on his head

Simon successfully completes his PhD

With an exciting presentation Simon defends his PhD thesis about transport of rarefied gases. The whole CVT working group congratulates Simon with all its heart for this great achievement.

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Bosch Research visits CVT and ESECS

Research engineers from Bosch Research in Renningen visited the University of Bremen for a cooperation project between the Chemical Process Engieneering group (CVT) and the Energy Storage and Energy Conversion Systems group (ESECS).

Two engineers inspect a process plant

Info day process engineering at 12.07

On 12.07.2023 from 16:00 - 21:00 the VT Day will take place at FZB 0240 and FZ Halle. Students and interested people can get into conversation with lecturers, scientists and alumni while enjoying grilled food and cold drinks.

An interested group is discussing an electrolyzer and how this technology is embedded in the study program

Open Campus 2023

The CVT presented an electrolyzer at the Open Campus 2023 event and showed how current technologies are integrated into the course of studies

Electrochemical cell with three electrodes

FORUM Magazin features an article about REDUCTO

The weekly magazine FORUM interviewed Ingmar on the project REDUCTO and included the interview into an article on carbon capture and utilization.