Research topics

Our reserach topics

Electrochemical cell with three electrodes


Our research focuses on testing of electro-catalysts for bio-electrochemical catalysis. Furthermore, we investigate the metal and oxygen production by high temperature electrolysis for sustainable material extraction and the modeling of oxide film growth on metal electrodes under external potentials.


Particle separation

We use dielectrophoresis (DEP) or ac electrokinetic effects to separate technical particle systems according to their form and material. Differently from most contemporary DEP applications, we have upscaled separators in mind, that is, we like to achieve throughputs of the industrial scale.


Reaction engineering

We investigate the impulse, mass, and heat transport in catalyst support materials during heterogeneously catalyzed reactions. We use CFD simulations and imaging techniques, such as X-Ray tomography (µCT) or magnetic resonance imaging.



We use paper dust and steel slag to create sustainable insulation materials.