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New brochures on "Academic Adjustments" and "Learning without Barriers"

Literature tip

The Contact and Information Office for Students with Disabilities or Chronic Illnesses at the University of Bremen (KIS) published two new editions of its brochures in July. First, there is now a new edition of the guide for teachers"Studieren mit Beeinträchtigung. Lernen ohne Barrieren" (Learning without barriers). In addition, the brochure on the topic of "Nachteilsausgleich" (academic adjustments) was published, which bundles important information on the topic for students. It is now also available in English.

The link to download the guide "Studying with Impairment. Learning without barriers" can be found on the website of the University of Bremen under Information for teachers (only in German): Information for Teaching Staff - Universität Bremen

The brochure on academic adjustments has been posted on the Student Achievement Equity website and can be downloaded from there: Academic Adjustments - Universität Bremen