Description of Studies

You can study Geography as a full-time major (as opposed to an option in teacher education) either as a Bachelor of Arts (B.A,), with a specialization in human geography, or in the science-oriented Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), with a specialization in physical geography. In the first two years, the courses in both programs are identical so it is possible to switch programs after the fourth semester.

You can also study Geography in combination with another subject. For instance, if you intend to pursue a non-school career you can take Geography as a profile-building specialty or as a complementary subject. A third possibility is to study Geography in the frame of a bachelor’s degree in teacher education. In this case, you should be aware that there are certain rules to observe when choosing your combination of subjects. Besides these options, students of the University of Oldenburg studying for a dual-subject degree can choose Geography in Bremen as a second subject. If you choose two subjects from the same subject grouping, there will need to be a departure from the foreseen study schedule (Geography belongs to subject grouping C). We recommend you seek advice on this by contacting the Study Program Coordinator. A dual-subject bachelor’s degree course is particularly suitable for an integrated course of study abroad (e.g. at one of our attractive partner universities in combination with a minor such as Franco Romance Studies, Spanish Language and Literature, English-Speaking Cultures).

After their fourth semester, students in both undergraduate programs (B.A. and B.Sc.) studying geography as a major or studying geography specialty courses are able to build individual profiles by choosing the elective modules offered by the field and in the area of General Studies.

For details of your study schedule see the study plans.