Master Thesis

Guidelines to prepare a Master Thesis

The guidelines summarize the procedures to be followed by students planning to write a thesis for their master degree. They discuss prerequisites, administrative and organizational issues as well as time constraints. Moreover, students find guidance about structure and elements generally contained in a Master Thesis.

These guidelines come along with helpful appendices (also available as a docx file from your supervisor):



Titles of completed Master Theses

  • Environmental importance of lacustrine sediment from Biển Hồ maar lake, Pleiku, central Vietnam
  • Human and climatic impact on lacustrine sediments from Lake Funda (Flores Island, Portugal) – A geochemical and mineralogical analysis of the last 1200 years
  • Tephrochronology and paleoenvironmental reconstruction of the Fucino Basin (Central Apennines, Italy) between MIS 5e and MIS 6
  • Multi-Objective Optimization of a Global Glacier Mass Balance Model
  • Sea-Level Rise-Induced Increase of the Extreme Event Frequency in Southern Florida and its Impact on the Exposed Population