Admission Regulations

The admission regulations are provided for download here. Please note that the English translations of all regulations are guidelines and not legally binding. Only the German regulations ("Aufnahmeordnung" see Rules & Regulations below) are legally binding.



  • Completed bachelor programme with 180 CP/ECTS or another comparable scientific study programme with a relation to the M. Sc. “Physical Geography: Environmental History”:
    • Physical Geography
    • Geology (with a focus on sedimentology and Quaternary geology)
    • Earth Sciences (with a focus on sedimentology and Quaternary geology)
    • Geosciences (with a focus on sedimentology and Quaternary geology)
    • Archaeology (with a focus on geoarchaeology)
    • Environmental Studies
  • Letter of motivation
    • explain your interests as well as your academic or professional background
    • maximum length of 1000 words
  • Language skills
    • English: level B2 of the European Framework of Reference for Languages (or any equivalent certificate)
      Further information are available here.
    • German: basic knowledge is desirable
  • CV in tabular form
  • Certificates (in German or English translations of non-German certificates)
    • Bachelor certificate and report or a preliminary transcript of records attesting at least 135CP
    • Report of your school leaving examination




Admission Procedure

For application, please use the online application portal of the University of Bremen.

This study programme begins exclusively with the winter term (starting October 1st). The application deadline is 30 April for the upcoming winter semester. Spring admissions for the summer semester starting April 1st are only possible for advanced Master's student and generally not recommended due to the consequtive core modules of the first year (application period for summer term: December - January 15th).

During the selection process, taking place after the application deadline, you can earn points based on your average grade, your letter of motivation and the technical relation of your bachelor programme to this master programme. According to the points reached, a ranking is set up and applicants are selected accordingly. Further details are documented in the admission regulations.

Selection based on a case of hardship is possible.



Important dates

  • Application deadline: 30 April
  • Notification of selection results: ca. 15. June
  • Last date of your reply to the offer: ca. 31. July




Further Information

Tution and fees
Visa, Financial Support, Health Insurance
Rules and Regulations
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