Final Module

Bachelor Thesis

Students in the Bachelor's degree program (full studying and teacher education) write in the 6th semester a thesis (Bachelor thesis) in Geography field. For registration at the examination office it is mandatory to have obtained at least 120 Credit Points for single-subject students, 65 Credit Points for two-subject-students and 45 for the teacher's degree. The processing time is maximally 12 weeks. The written performance is evaluated with 12 Credit Points at the colloquium and in conjunction with the obligatory Bachelor seminar 3 Credit Points.
To ensure the submission of the thesis in given time, before the respective dates colloquium, the Bachelor Audit Committee has established the following three application deadlines for the thesis: 15.10 ( Colloquium in February ); 15.3. ( Colloquium in July ); 15.5. ( Colloquium in September )

Bachelor Colloquium

The dates of the course Bachelor colloquium will be announced after decision of the Study Commission in the course catalogue or Stud - IP. Participants of the colloquium login after registration bachelor thesis (at the examination office) no later than two weeks before the seminar date by Stud - IP for the corresponding course " colloquium in February / July / September " and name where the title of the work and the names of the examiners. If you can not attend the university colloquia or miss the deadline and do not want to wait until the next colloquium schedule, you must talk about your colloquium after the submission of the paper directly to the examiners.
You can only attend the colloquium with approval by the Examination Office, in the case that they received all the reports, or a message by both evaluators, that you passed with at least 4.0.

Possible auditors or reviewers of the Bachelor thesis

At least one reviewer is a professor [Lectors are currently approved as well], the second assessor may be a researcher. Both should be members of the University of Bremen.

External experts must have at least one level of  the academic examination (for the bachelor thesis therefore a diploma, master, master's or first state examination) and must be approved by the Audit Committee. The workers with the two subject Bachelor and Master of Education can be examined by qualificated employees.