WG Urban Geography

The Urban Geography research group works at the intersections of social and cultural theory to explore cities and urban life. Departing from the materiality of urban spaces, and the processes of their production and design, we examine questions of urban development in the context of increasing societal diversity. Doing so, we conceptualise the term ‘development’ in an open manner, to capture both the ‘top-down’ processes guiding urban development as well as the everyday, emancipatory and resisting practices shaping cities ‘from the bottom’.

As a group, we believe in the importance of locating urban change within its wider context. To us global dynamics are as important to consider as practical problems, debates and cultures (of planning) on the ground. We also value systematically and critically considering the opinions of the diverse actors involved in urban development. These include local policy-makers and administrations, commercial and private enterprises, civil initiatives and societal organisations, and the everyday inhabitants of cities.