Instrument Database

General information

  • Investigation area
  • Techniques
    Scanning Electron Microscopy
  • Manufacturer
  • Fabrication year
  • Measured quantity
    surface morphology, composition, particle sizes
  • Main application
    Materials Chemistry and Mineralogy / Materials Analysis

Instrument specification

  • Technical aspects
    The FE-SEM  is equipped with various detectors (SE2 / Inlens / BSD) and provides conclusions about the topography and material composition of the sample.

    The Bruker EDS detector XFlash 6|30 has an active surface of 30 mm2 and an energy resolution of <129 eV at Mn-Kα. Due to the high pulse rates, single point analysis, area analysis as well as linear analysis (line scan) and element mapping are possible within the shortest measurement time.


Instrument location

  • Group
    AG Petrologie der Ozeankruste
  • Building
  • Room
  • Faculty
    Fachbereich 5
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