Summer Semester 2016

Viva la música! - Music from Latin America II

The compositions in the field of classical music by contemporary composers from Europe are often avoided by choirs and orchestras. But the contemporary compositions by composers from Latin America are performed and listened to with great enthusiasm. In many works a central rôle is assigned to complex dance rhythms, but alongside there is also calm music of yearning and thought. Examples from the concert of the orchestra and the choir can be watched and listened to in our video from the concert "Best of 'Viva la música'" in our youtube-channel. 

Guests from Brazil at the concert in "Gutsscheune Stuhr"

As part of the concert in "Gutsscheune Stuhr" the students choir of the federal university of Ceará from Fortaleza in the North-East of Brazil performed its program "Alguém Cantando" („Someone is singing“). In the week of the concert, the choir was in Bremen as guest of Bremen's "Ensemble d’accord" and gave a number of concerts, one of them also in the "Theatersaal" of the University of Bremen. All its energetic performances were enthusiastically greeted by the audiences. A group of members of the choir was hosted privately by members of the choir of the University of Bremen. The last song of the program was sung together by both University choirs: the baião „So quiero um xodó" (see photo on the right). One of the conductors of the Brazilian choir, Elvis Matos, had arranged it especially for this event.


Performers, dates of concerts and detailed program-leaflets


Orchestra & choir of the University of Bremen, conductor: Susanne Gläß

Guest in the concert in "Gutsscheune Stuhr":
Coral da Universidade Federal do Ceará (UFC) from Fortaleza/Brazil, conductors: Elvis de Azevedo Matos and Erwin Schrader

Correpetition of choir rehearsals of the choir of the University of Bremen: Stefanie Adler

Coaching of the section of stringed instruments of the orchestra of the University of Bremen: Gert Gondosch (Bremer Philharmoniker)
Coaching of the section of brass instruments of the orchestra of the University of Bremen: Ines Köhler (Bremer Philharmoniker)


Thursday, 23rd June, 8 p.m., Gutsscheune Stuhr/Varrel, program leaflet "Gutsscheune" (in German only)

Friday, 24th June, 8 p.m., GW1-lecture hall of the University of Bremen, program leaflet "GW1-Hörsaal" (in German only)