About Us


The orchestra rehearses on Wednesday evenings. It is a big symphonic ensemble, including everything from the piccolo to the tuba. In order to meet different preferences, the program focus changes every semester.




The big University Choir rehearses on Monday evenings. While choral symphonic works are generally performed together with the orchestra in the Glocke concert hall or in the Dom cathedral in the winter semester, in the summer, usually a cappella is sung—in the open air, weather permitting.



How do orchestra and choir work?

Who can participate? Do I have to come to every rehearsal and what time must I be there? Do I have to participate in arranging the seating and the instruments? Where do I get the sheet music from? Do I have to bring a music stand with me?

Dirigentin und Orchester


Until July 2021, Killian Farrell conducted orchestra & choir. From 1996 to 2020, Dr. Susanne Gläß has been director of musical activities. Before that, the founder of the orchestra, Prof. Klaus Mävers, had conducted the orchestra from 1971 to 1994.