Jan-Hendrik von Stemm
Jan-Hendrik von Stemm

University Music administration: Jan-Hendrik von Stemm

Jan-Hendrik von Stemm is an administrative assistant in the area of University Music. He plans and supervises the concert series in the University’s theater hall and is responsible for the administration of University Music. All purchases and payment processes are in his hands; for example for advertising, hall rental, sheet music rental, instrument rental and transport, piano tunings and solo-voice fees. He organizes ticket sales for concerts and public relations events.



Office: GW1, A 0035
Postal address: University of Bremen, University Music (GW1), PO Box 330 440, 28334 Bremen
Phone: 0421-218 60 109
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Student Assistant: Felix Noodt 

Felix Noodt has been working as a student assistant in the area of University Music since March 2021. 
His main task is the organisation of the orchestra rehearsals. On top, he prepares the sheet music for both ensembles, collects it after the concerts, and either archives it or sends it back to the publisher. He supports advertising for the concerts, organizes the seating for choir rehearsals, and helps with the logistics of concerts.

He studies musicology and plays trumpet in the orchestra of the University of Bremen.