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Programs with savvy

Universities are places for thought and reflection. The programs arranged by the Orchestra and Choir of the University of Bremen take this into account, always striving to provide food for thought. Wherever possible, beside lovely music, the programs feature works with complex motifs and perspectives. Significant elements of all concerts include background research, informative printed programs, verbal introductions, and accompanying academic seminars. 



International Programs

Over the years, the University of Bremen has built up a large international network. It stands to reason that the orchestra and choir are able to make valuable contributions towards maintaining international contacts. What better way to experience different cultures other than listening to their songs or going on concert trips abroad and hosting guests from other countries, or when ensembles from different nations join together to make music. 



Local and regional networking

University Music is particularly suitable for projecting the University of Bremen into the public eye of the town of Bremen and surrounding region. Beside the introductory public lectures held in Haus der Wissenschaft, the University orchestra and choir frequently perform in the City of Bremen at public venues like the Glocke concert hall, the Dom Cathedral, Übersee-Museum, Kulturzentrum Schlachthof, and the annual Breminale festival.


Arranging festive celebrations at the University

The orchestra and choir represent the University on ceremonial and festive occasions and co-arrange procedures. Such occasions in the past include the musical frame for the reception held in the Rathaus [historical city hall] for the President of Germany, and the annual welcoming ceremony for new students that takes place in Theater am Goetheplatz. 


Work comes before pleasure

After a long day of work at the University which above all taxes the mind, joining others to make music takes you to another world and helps to wind down. A variety of selected music is played in loose order, creating an enriching emotional experience and simply because its fun – which is not to say there is no place for serious program leaflets and introductory talks…