Conductor 1996-2020: Dr. Susanne Gläß

Former director of musical activities, Dr. Susanne Gläß


  • Born in Bremen (1957)
  • As a scholarship holder of the “Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes”: Studies in Hamburg and Bristol in the subject areas: Theology (main area of study: Old Testament with Klaus Koch), Classical Languages (ancient Hebrew, Ugaritic, ancient Greek, Latin), Philosophy, Music (conducting: Klaus Vetter + Gisela Jahn) and Violin (Stanley Weiner)
  • 1984/85 1st State examination for the teaching profession in secondary schools, in music and in religious studies, and Diploma for teaching violin
  • Work as freelance musician, first in Northern Germany, then in Switzerland
  • 1991 Doctor of Philosophy in Music, topic: “The role of the Violin in Jazz” in Zürich (supervisor: Ernst Lichtenhahn, published 1992 by Peter Lang AG)
  • 1992-95 Portugal
  • 1996-2020 Director of musical activities (“Universitätsmusikdirektorin”) at the University of Bremen
  • December 2020 awarded Berninghausen Prize for Excellence in Teaching

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