Arranging Festive Celebrations at the University

There are more and more reasons to celebrate!

Over the past few decades, the University of Bremen’s increasingly high success has been creating increasing reasons to celebrate. Establishing the post of Director of Musical Activities in 1996 is a reflection of this ongoing process.

Examples of arranging festive celebrations at the University

  • Concert for the inauguration of the GW1 auditoriumdes
  • Presentation of a concert on the theme “Water” held in the frame of Science Summer during the Year of the Geosciences
  • Every year, the University orchestra and choir perform at the welcoming ceremony held for new students in Theater Bremen at Goetheplatz.
  • Reception in honor of the President of Germany, Joachim Gauck, in the upper rooms of the Rathaushalle.
  • The granting of an honorary doctorate to Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Jutta Limbach by the Faculty of Law, held in the upper rooms of the Rathaushalle.
  • Concert held in the frame of “Festival of Languages” organized by Faculty 10 in Übersee-Museum