The Department of Anthropology and Cultural Research presents: Maka Suarez and Jorge Nuñez

Colloquium (10.1. / 18:15)

Title: "Decolonial praxis: experimental methods and ethnographic collaborations"
Tuesday, 10.1.2023, at 18:15 in the Rotunde
Mara Suarez and Jorge Nuñez have come to the University of Olso via Princeton and Cuenca in Ecuador, where they led a well-known Ethnography Lab called KALEIDOS. At Kaleidos, they produced ethnographic and quantitative data through collaborations (including EthnoData, Map against State Repression and Brutality, Prison Observatory), worked with different social movements and collectives, including the Spanish PAH (Platform for People Affected by Mortgages) and the Alliance against Prisons in Ecuador; worked multi-modally through documentaries and visualizations (including an ethnographic panel on "Contours of Disability" for Distribute2020), and thought deeply about decoloniality, collaboration, critical pedagogy, and experimental methods.