Workshop: How to participate with care. Multiple epistemic positions in experimental ethnography

The "Ethnography-Now" group in the Research Training Group "Contradiction Studies" cordially invites you to a workshop with Helen Verran on ethnographic responsibility and ethnographic storytelling.

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Thursday, 25th of May 2023, 10:45 to 13:15
13.30-14.45: Dinner at Mensa U Bremen

GRK Contradiction Studies, Grazer Strasse 2, Conference Room & online:
Meeting-ID: 991 3260 1507, Kenncode: 788536

Verran uses the term Relational Empiricism to refer to situated, empirical-ethnographic forms of inquiry that allow for a specific attention not only "to the other" (the “classical” anthropological conception) but an attention also to the relations that constitute the objects of inquiry themselves- and this attention also includes the practices of the researchers. Martha Kenney, who published one of the first explanatory texts on the work of Helen Verran, summarizes this "practice that goes beyond reflexivity as reporting on the conditions of knowledge production" in the difficult-to-translate term "accountability" - the accountability or recognition of responsibility. This accountability includes taking objects apart, de-naturalizing them, narrating relations of knowledge production, and producing shared stories - moving from participant observer to participant storyteller.  Using Helen's and our field notes as examples, we discuss the questions of how other ontologies can be described, how ethnography functions in places where ethical concerns arise, and what it means to understand ethnography as "methods-assemblage.

Here you can find more information on the workshop.