Activate Your Personal Resources: How to stay healthy and focused in academia

Course 2024-04

Date: 24.01. + 31.01.2024, 9:00 - 12:30

Venue: Online

Trainer: Dr. Nadine Binder


Blume im Beton

Academia can be a tough environment to work in, especially when you are a doctoral or postdoctoral researcher. This interactive workshop focuses on exploring techniques and strategies for staying healthy and focused in this environment. In this workshop, participants will …

  • reflect upon their needs concerning work-life balance and how to maintain this balance,
  • familiarize themselves with different techniques for focusing attention,
  • learn about different types of stress and anxiety,
  • explore their personal stressors and learn more about their stress response,

and try out and develop techniques and strategies to maintain their inner calm and build resilience.


Participants need to be equipped with a PC or laptop, a camera and a headset. Please make sure you are using an updated browser to be able to fully access all the tools used during the workshop.


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Accessibility: If you have special needs, please feel free to contact us. We will do our best to support you accordingly.

Portrait Nadine Binder

Trainer: Dr. Nadine Binder

Nadine Binder is a trainer and coach specialized in Personal Leadership, self-management, stress and resilience, intercultural communication, and personality development. Nadine has several years of experience of working with various clients from the educational, corporate and non-profit sector. She is passionate about supporting people in improving communication, growing in their personality, and flourishing in their work and personal life. Since having completed her PhD in psychology (on intercultural competence development and assessment), she has started working with doctoral and early career researchers to facilitate their personality development, self- and stress-management, and resilience. Nadine has lived and worked in several countries, including Germany, the Netherlands and Australia and delivers workshops and coaching in German and English. She is currently based near Bremen, Germany.

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