Integration of gender dimensions into research and teaching content


In its Concept for the Future of Gender Equality, the University of Bremen has committed itself to advance the integration of gender research and gender dimensions as an evaluation criterion in its internal research funding policy even further. For more than ten years now, the university's internal research funding has systematically required applicants to demonstrate the relevance of gender and/or diversity in their research context, topic or methods. The aim is to investigate gender- und diversity-related differences and effects, in order to overcome gender biases at an early stage.

The Gender Consulting for Research Alliances at the Equal Opportunities Office offers professional advice for applicants for funding at the German Research Foundation throughout the entire process, from application to implementation of the alliances own equal opportunities concepts. This also includes a low-threshold advisory service for the integration of gender dimensions in research through information on subject-specific guidelines on gender dimensions and Open Access portals.



The University of Bremen provides courses related to gender and diversity studies in many subjects. These are open to students of all subjects via the General Studies programme. General Studies is a subject-supplementary range of courses that students can take advantage of beyond their subject-specific studies in order to acquire knowledge and competences appropriate to their individual and heterogeneous learning requirements.

e n t e r s c i e n c e is a project for students with experiences of discrimination (including gender) which aims to increase the participation of diverse groups of students. One focus area is developing diversity-sensitive teaching/learning activities.