perspektive promotion at the Equal Opportunities Office supports female early-career researchers aspiring a doctorate. The program focuses on gender- and
diversity-related issues during the doctoral studies. Workshops, peer groups with regular meetings, and one-to-one counseling form the central pillars of the
initiative. perspektive promotion - Universität Bremen ( 

"plan m - Mentoring in Science" at the Equal Opportunities Office addresses women doctoral and post-doctoral researcher who want to plan the next steps of your career together with professors and other experts. Participants learn about career management in science and develop important strategies for action. This also includes addressing structural hurdles for certain groups of people in science, which tends to favor white unimpaired scientists. plan m Mentoring in Science - Universität Bremen ( 

The coaching program navigare at the Equal Opportunities Office addresses female early career researchers (ECR) considering an international career in science. The main target is to support women in framing their own career objectives. The science system itself and its gender-specific demands for women will play an important role.navigare Career Coaching for Women in Science - Universität Bremen (

With the project "go d!verse", the University of Bremen aims to reduce discrimination and biases in staff selection procedures and to strengthen diversity in science. The team develops lectures, consultations, workshops and awareness-rainsing actvities such as the "A - Z for a good choice", which sensitize decision-makers to unconscious biases. "go d!verse" is a cooperation of the Equal Opportunity Office and the Diversity Officer go diverse - Universität Bremen ( 

The Gender Consulting for Research Alliances at the Equal Opportunities Office develops gender and diversity awareness trainings, talks and other actvities for principal investigators, postdocs and doctoral cadidates funded by the German Research Foundation. The activities include e.g. a lecture series on gender and diversity matters in research gender and diversity to go - Universität Bremen ( or a cartoon series on gender dynamics in STEM subjects. aufgezeichnet - gender dynamics in MINT - Universität Bremen ( 

The Centre of Excellence for Women in Science and Technology strengthens the participation of women in scientific and technical courses of study. It continuously runs programmes for schoolgirls, female students, female graduates and female specialists in the STEM field. Teaching gender competences to female STEM students has become an integral part of the Centre of Excellence’s interdisciplinary teaching programmes. KOMPETENZZENTRUM – Kompetenzzentrum Frauen in Naturwissenschaft und Technik ( 

BYRD - Bremen Early Career Researcher Development offers information and support for further training, networking, and consulting for doctoral candidates, post-docs and established researchers. In cooperation with perspektive promotion, BYRD offers trainings which include a gender perspective. Bremen Early Career Researcher Development - Universität Bremen (

As one of ten international YUFE partner universities, the University of Bremen co-leads the work-package Diversity and Inclusivity (D&I) strategy, which is lead the University of Essex. The YUFE Diversity and Inclusivity Officer develops trainings and talks on diversity topics.    

The lecture and discussion forum series "Diversity @ Uni Bremen" has been offered since 2013 in order to intensify the internal as well as external processes of diversity awareness and to stimulate a university-wide discussion on the importance of diversity in teaching, research and administration. It is coordinated by the Diversity Officer. Archiv "Diversity @Uni Bremen" - Universität Bremen ( 



In October 2021, the equal opportunities office organised the first Equality Slam of the University of Bremen as part of the university's 50th anniversary. The audience experienced - live in the Schwankhalle and on screen via livestream -  great contributions about sexism and racism in the lecture theater, on educational background as a hindrance, and on barriers on campus that block the way, even in the digital world. Equality Slam - Universität Bremen ( 

In 2018, Cartoonists Bettina Bexte, Laura Breiling and Miriam Wurster developed a cartoon series on gender dynamics in STEM cultures in collaboration with several research alliances funded by the German Research Foundation as well as the Equal Opportunities Office.

In 2015, the photo-exhibition "right here" portrayed female scientists from all departments of the University of Bremen centrally at the university. Using selected quotes and terms, "right here" conveys impressions of the participants' academic careers and motivation. Ambivalences related to the workplace of academia also become visible and risks for an early exit are highlighted.

In 2011/2012, the photo-exhibition UNISPITZEN explored the public reception of women in academic leadership positions and pointed out the existing imbalance between women and men in leadership positions.