Dedicated resources

The Central Commission for Women’s Issues (Zentrale Kommission für Frauenfragen, ZKFF) works as a permanent commission of the Academic Senate, central as well as decentralised women’s representatives have an advisory vote and the right to propose motions in all committees, and the Central Women’s Representative is a permanent guest in the university executive board. There, in addition to the President, the topic is particularly anchored with the Vice-President for ‘Internationality and Diversity’ and the Chancellor. 

The Administrative Unit Equal Opportunities/Anti-Discrimination was established under the Chancellor in 1993. Part of Administrative Unit, the Office of Equal Opportunities has many years of experience in gender policy and coordinates the implementation of the "Concept for the Future of Gender Equality“. 

On the faculty side, the Centre of Excellence for Women in Science and Technology strengthens the participation of women in scientific and technical courses of study. A core element is the linking of structural analyses of gender bias in studies and research with concrete personal support offerings. Kompetenzzentrum Frauen in Naturwissenschaft und Technik – der Universität Bremen (

Since 2007, the University of Bremen participates succesfully in the external review process "Audit family-friendly university". It has established various support structures to support studying and working with care responsibilities at the university including counseling, training and awareness-raising as well as childcare facilities. 

The Advisory and Information Centre against Discrimination & Violence—Expertise and Conflict Counselling (‘ADE’), which also falls under the umbrella of the Admistitrative Unit Equal Opportunities/Anti-Discrimination, is a unique counselling and specialist centre in Germany for dealing with conflicts, discrimination and violence in the field of education, studies and employment. 

The Diversity Officer established under the Vice-President for ‘Internationality and Diversity’ is responsible for the university's Diversity management. The University of Bremen's diversity strategy guides the direction of their work.