Instrument Database

General information

  • Investigation area
  • Techniques
    Raman spectroscopy coupled with Vertical Scanning Interferometry
  • Manufacturer
  • Fabrication year
  • Measured quantity
    Surface heights, Raman shift spectra
  • Main application
    Analysis of chemical kinetics during dissolution/corrosion, growth, and adsorption of materials

Instrument specification

  • Technical aspects

    The interferometer is equipped for white light scanning and monochromatic phase shift mode;
    Objectives include TTM, 5x Michelson, 20x, 50x, 115x Mirau, 0.55x and 2.0x FOV multiplier tubes;
    The Raman spectroscope is equipped with two lasers (532 nm and 785 nm);

    Maximum sample size is about 100 mm x 100 mm x 20 mm;
    Data reduction is usually done using SPIP software (Image Metrology)


Instrument location

  • Group
  • Building
  • Room
  • Faculty
    Fachbereich 5
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