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General information

Instrument specification

  • Technical aspects

    two-stage geometric and optical magnification based on high resolution optics, (0.4X, 4X and 20X objectives) to provide submicron resolution at large working distances, for a large range of sample sizes

    diffraction contrast tomography for unlocking crystallographic information (mapping of grain orientations)

    flexible, high contrast imaging for challenging materials—low atomic number (low Z) materials, soft tissue, polymers, fossilized organisms encased in amber, and other materials of low contrast

    in-situ-stage to characterize the microstructure of materials in native-like environments (under variation of pressure, tensile or temperature) as well as the evolution of properties over time (4D)



  • In-situ capabilities
    Mechanical in-situ test stage
  • Correlated workflow
    A correlated workflow from XRM to SEM (Auriga 40, IMSAS) in terms of sample positioning / localized analyses is possible via the Atlas software (ZEISS)


Instrument location

  • Building
  • Room
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