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The role of crystal heterogeneity in alkali feldspar dissolution kinetics

Isabel Lange, Marcos Toro, Rolf S.Arvidson, Inna Kurganskaya, Andreas Lüttge

Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta (2021) 309, 329-351

Intrinsic heterogeneities of crystals almost always impose challenges on the investigation of dissolution kinetics. In the…

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Influence of Processing Route on the Surface Reactivity of Cu47Ti33Zr11Ni6Sn2Si1 Metallic Glass

Erika Soares Barreto, Volker Uhlenwinkel, Maximilian Frey, Isabella Gallino, Ralf Busch and Andreas Lüttge

Metals (2021), 11(8), 1173

Recently, laser additive manufacturing (AM) techniques have emerged as a promising alternative for the synthesis of bulk…

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Multiscale investigation of olivine (0 1 0) face dissolution from a surface control perspective

Xiaodong Li, Qianqian Wang, Xiaodong Shen, Elisabete T.Pedrosa and Andreas Lüttge

Applied Surface Science (2021), 549, 149317

The surface reaction of olivine materials is critical for their extensive applications in the global cycle of elements, future…

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Kinetic concepts for quantitative prediction of fluid-solid interactions

Andreas Lüttge, Rolf S. Arvidson, Cornelius Fischer, Inna Kurganskaya

Chemical Geology (2019) 504, 216-235

In a unique “perspectives” format that examines both past and future, we appraise the field of crystal dissolution kinetics, showing how the…

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Kinetics of pipeline steel corrosion studied by Raman spectroscopy-coupled vertical scanning interferometry

Janis Heuer & Andreas Lüttge 

npj Materials Degradation (2018) 2, 40

The corrosion and degradation of materials, such as pipeline steel, have a strong effect on both the environment and the economy. The quantification of these processes can therefore…

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Discrimination of Ceramic Surface Finishing by Vertical Scanning Interferometry

C. Ionescu, C. Fischer, V. Hoeck, A. Lüttge

Archaeometry (2019) 61

Finishing techniques are significant markers of the technological ‘know‐how’ involved in the production of the traditional, clay‐based ceramic ware. In order to provide a reliable tool to…

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