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RTG Seminar

The biweekly RTG research seminar is the platform for the PhD students to present and discuss their latest work. The presentation of the progress is the basis for a subsequent discussion with the PhD advisory committee.


Dr. Tobias Kluth

Center for Industrial Mathematics
+49 421 218 63817

Winter semester 2021/2022

24.11.2021, 10:00, video conference 

Anh-Tuan Hoang, Statistical Methods for replicability analyses

12.01.2022, 12:15, video conference
Lena Ranke, Witness Complexes in Topological Data Analysis

Summer semester 2021

02.06.2021, 12:15, video conference

Alexander Denker, Sparse view CT challenge and extensions of the learned primal-dual method

02.06.2021, 13:00, video conference

Ivan Mykhailiuk, Convergence to Preferable Minima in Real-Time Nonlinear Optimization Problems

16.06.2021, 12:15

Vladimir Vutov, A two-sample comparison of MALDI-Imaging data

30.06.2021, 13:00

Eva Dierkes, Learning Hamiltonian Systems considering System Symmetries

Winter semester 2020/2021

02.12.20, 12:15, video conference

Gideon Klaila, Discrete Morse Theory in Topological Data Analysis

13.01.2112:15, video conference

Sonal Rami, Machine Learning Approaches in Climate Modelling

27.01.21, 12:15, video conference

Johannes Leuschner, Neural network based reconstruction for CT - A Benchmark Dataset and Deep Image Prior approaches

Max Schmidt, Shaping the future of CT reconstruction - How the combination of deep learning and mathematical modeling can solve inverse problems

24.02.21, 12:15, video conference 

José Carlos Gutiérrez Pérez, Generative Adversarial Networks for stain normalization in digital pathology

Jean Le'Clerc Arrastia, Semantic segmentation for automatic tumor detection

Summer semester 2020

22.04.20, 12:15, video conference

Peter Maass, Structure of the RTG

06.05.20, 12:15, video conference

Peter Maass, Structure of the RTG

01.07.20, 12:15, video conference

Sonal Rami, Machine Learning Approaches in Climate Modelling

15.07.20, 12:15, video conference

Pascal Rink, Inference on post-model-selection coefficients of determination

Margareta Runge, Model Predictive Control with Online Nonlinear Parameter Identification for a Robotic System

Winter semester 2019/2020

15.01.20, 12:15, MZH 6190

Pascal Fernsel, Nonnegative Matrix and Tensor Factorizations - Theory and Selected Applications

29.01.20, 12:15, MZH 6190

Miriam Steinherr, Analysis of some non-smooth bifurcations with applications to ship maneuvering

Ilias Bogoudis, Halogens in the Arctic: Satellite Measurements and Relation to Meteorological Drivers

Summer semester 2019

22.05.19, 12:15, MZH 6210

Kai Schäfer, Decomposition of Iteration Schemes in Nonlinear Optimization with Applications to Dynamic Parameter Identification and Bilevel Programming

Jens Behrmann, Invertible Neural Networks

19.06.19, 12:15, MZH 6210

Sören Schulze, Blind and supervised source separation on music recordings

Georgia Sfakianaki, Tikhonov regularization incorporating tolerances in the penalty term

03.07.19, 12:15, MZH 6210

Wiebke Bergmann, Realtime forecast-based optimization of self-consumption in local energy systems under uncertain predictions of generation and consumption

Thies Gerken, Dynamic Inverse Problems for Wave Phenomena

Winter semester 2018/2019

12.12.18, 12:15, MZH 2340

Sören Dittmer, ReLU Singular Values, Gaussian mean width and Regularization by Architecture

23.01.19, 12:15, MZH 2490

Jonathan von Schroeder, Application of Optimal Transport to MALDI Data

Summer semester 2018

18.04.18, 12:15, MZH 6210

Malin Lachmann, Forecasting the Production of Renewable Energy Power Plants using Data-based Modeling

Wiebke Heins, Realtime Forecast-Based Energy Management for Grid-Connected Local Systems with Renewable Energy Sources

02.05.18, 12:15, MZH 6210

Daniel Otero Baguer, Inverse Problems and Machine Learning in designing new materials

30.05.18, 12:15, MZH 6210

Christian Meerpohl, Optimization Strategies for Real-Time Conrol of an Autonomous Melting Probe

13.06.18, 12:15, MZH 6210

Max Westphal, Efficient evaluation of prediction models

27.06.18, 12:15, MZH 6210

Jonathan von Schroeder, Application of Optimal Transport to MALDI Data

Winter semester 2017/2018

15.11.17, 12:15, MZH 6210

Illias Bougoudis, Satellite Remote Sensing of Halogens in the Arctic

29.11.17, 12:15, MZH 6210

Christine Bathke, Magnetic Particle Imaging using Total Least Squares and Structural Prior Information

13.12.17, 12:15, MZH 6210

Margarete Runge, Parameter Identification in Controlled Dynamic Systems

Kai Schäfer, Parameter Identification by Decomposition of Nonlinearities

10.01.18, 12:15, MZH 6210

Pascal Fernsel, Non-negative Matrix Factorization Methods with Applications to MALDI-Imaging / Deep Learning for ill-posed Inverse Problems

Miriam Steinherr, Analysis of bifurcations in non-smooth dynamical systems with applications to ship maneuvering

17.01.18, 12:15, MZH 6210

Saswati Saha, Dose Response Modelling in Phase II Clinical Trials

Sören Dittmer, ReLU and Neural Networks

24.01.18, 12:15, MZH 6210

Ekkehard Schnoor, Compressed Sensing and Neural Networks

Georgia Sfakianaki, On the Connection Between Sparsity and Tolerances in Parameter and Data Space

Summer semester 2017

21.06.17, 12:15, MZH 6210

Alexander Konschin, Application of the Floquet-Transform to Scattering Problems from Locally Perturbed Bi-periodic Structures

Thies Gerken, Dynamic Inverse Problems for Wave Equations

07.06.17, 12:15, MZH 6210

Lars Siemer, Coherent Structures in Axially Symmetric Landau-Lifschitz-Gilbert-Slonczewski Equation

24.05.17, 12:15, MZH 6210

Max Westphal, Evaluation of multiple classifiers

Christian Etmann, Sensitivity Regularization of Neural Networks and Applications of Variational Analysis

10.05.17, 12:15, MZH 6210

Jens Behrmann, Input Reconstruction in Convolutional Neural Networks for Imaging Mass Spectrometry

Phil Gralla, Alternating Tikhonov Functionals by Incorporating Tolerances for Discrepancy

26.04.17, 12:15, MZH 6210

Sören Schulze, Approaches to Musical Instrument Separation

Winter semester 2016/2017

30.11.16, 12:15, MZH 2340

Principal Investigators (University of Bremen), Introduction of the PIs and their research topics

23.11.16, 12:15, MZH 2340

Principal Investigators (University of Bremen), Introduction of the PIs and their research topics