Schedule - 3rd cohort

Winter Semester 2022/23

Foundations of Topological Data Analysis (T3)February 20-24, 2023MZH 1100Prof. Anastasios Stefanou
Aspects of Direct Optimization (T2)March 20-23 & 27-28, 2023MZH 2340

Prof. Alfred Schmidt
Prof. Andreas Rademacher
Prof. Daniel Schmand


Summer Semester 2023

Data-driven Dynamical Systems (T1)June / July (see Schedule)MZH 3150Prof. Anke Pohl
Introduction to Deep Learning, PyTorch and TorchPhysics (A3)July 17-21, 2023MZH 1090

Dr. Daniel Otero Baguer
Janek Gödeke

Causal Inference (T4)September 12-15, 2023BIPS, Room 1550

Prof. Vanessa Didelez
Prof. Oliver Dukes