Schedule - 1st cohort

Winter semester 2016/17 

MALDI imaging (A3)December 12-16, 2016MZH 2340Peter Maass
Data analysis and image processing (T3)January 16-20 & 23-27, 2017MZH 2340Emily King, Peter Maass
Minimisation of functions and functionals (T2)February 20-24 & February 27 - March 03, 2017MZH 2340Christof Büskens, Matthias Knauer
Automotive motor and exhaust management (A2)March 06-10, 2017MZH 2340Christof Büskens, Mitja Echim
Functional analysis, differential equations, and inverse problems (T1)March 13-17 & 20-24, 2017MZH 2340Armin Lechleiter, Peter Maass
Electromagnetic wave scattering (A1)April 03-07, 2017MZH 2340Armin Lechleiter

Winter semester 2017/18 

Statistics block courseOctober 10-12, 2017MZH 2340Werner Brannath, Thorsten Dickhaus