Summer schools

The organization of the summer/autumn schools is done by the research areas. The students have done an amazing job in attracting some world leading scientists. These schools were the highlight of the academic years beyond the RTG π³ and attracted external participants from Bremen, Germany and beyond.

Data-driven Dynamical Systems

Summer School 2024

Data-driven Dynamical Systems, July 24-26

Autumn School

Autumn School 2019

Deep Learning and Inverse Problems, November 04-08

Methods Week in Statistics

Summer School 2023

Methods Week in Statistics, March 13-16

Optimization of Dynamical Systems

Summer School 2018

Optimization of Dynamical Systems, September 03-07

Code Sprint 2020

Summer School 2020

Code Sprint, June 15-24

Inverse Problems and Imaging

Summer School 2017

Inverse Problems and Imaging, September 18-22