LoRa in OMNeT++

Implementation of ContikiMac Protocol on OMNeT++ with FLoRa

Uzmasaman Aejaz Chanderki successfully defended her research on modeling and evaluating the performance of the ContikiMac protocol in LoRa. She used the FLoRa model framework of OMNeT++ to implement the ContikiMac. The abstract of her work is given below.

We congratulate her on her success and wish her the best for her future.


This thesis focuses on the implementation of the ContikiMAC protocol on the OMNeT++ simulation tool’s FLoRA framework. This framework enables precise modeling and evaluation of the proposed implementation and provides vital insights into the behavior and performance characteristics of the ContikiMAC protocol. The thesis aims to investigate the acceptability and efficacy of the ContikiMAC protocol on LoRa-based networks in terms of duty cycle and packet delivery ratio. In this thesis, the implemented ContikiMAC protocol is designed to cohabit with the existing LoRaMAC protocol, which is the default MAC protocol for FLoRa. A performance evaluation of the ContikiMAC protocol is carried out in this thesis with variations in node sleeping time and a variable number of packets to compare it against the hardware implementation of the ContikiMAC protocol on a PyCom device, which is carried out by the authors of LoRaDucy [1]. With this implementation of the ContikiMAC protocol on FLoRA, further research can be done in the future to compare and evaluate it against the existing MAC protocols.

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