Communication Networks for Space

Schedule & Location

Date: Lecture/Tutorial Tue 13:15 - 15:45

Room: N3310

Credits: 6 ECTS points - 3 SWS

VAK Number: 01-29-03-CNSp-V

This lecture is not meant for electrical engineering students, i.e. CIT, CMM and IKT students. If you study one of these programs, please check the lecture "'Communication Networks".

Content Overview

  • Introduction into CommNets
  • Traditional Internet: TCP/IP
  • Bearer Technologies for IoT and WSN: Bluetooth and ZigBee, application examples
  • Protocols for wireless sensor networks
  • Delay-tolerant networks
  • Opportunistic networks
  • ComNets for space
    • types of spacecraft and orbits and their effect on communication
    • data types and quality-of-service requirements
    • architecture of space networks, state of the art of national space operators
    • bearer technologies: requirements for communcation links, PHY, MAC and convergence layers
    • routing for space networks
    • transport convergence/shim layer
    • application layer

Additional Reading

J. Kurose/K. Ross: Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach. 6th ed., Pearson Education, 2013
A. Förster: Wireless Sensor Networks. Wiley, 2016
J. Taylor: Deep Space Communications. Wiley, 2016