We actively develop and maintain software for our ongoing research projects. The source code is hosted on our GitHub Page. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our software, please send an e-mail to cn.devprotect me ?!comnets.uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de.

Privacy Policy


Our research relates to evaluating the performance of networking protocols through prototypes and simulations. To obtain as realistic as possible results with our simulations, we need large amounts of real-world datasets. Some of the Android apps developed by our department focus on collecting user behaviour related data such as position, contact data, phone usage etc. The type of data collected strongly depends on the specific app and is explained in more detail in the corresponding section on this webpage.

No data is transmitted automatically to our servers. The user is requested to transmit the data manually via Email, Bluetooth or any messenger app. The data is transmitted as text files containing comma separated values (CSV) which can be read using any text editor. As the apps are part of our research, the structure of the file formats may change with every update. The most recent structure descriptions are available via email on request: cn.devprotect me ?!comnets.uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de.

The source code of most of our Apps is available on our GitHub Webpage:

Use of the Records

The data collected with our apps is used for the development and evaluation of different network protocols. For that, we use anonymized datasets not bound to a certain user or mobile phone. To achieve that, we process the user data and work with the anonymized data which cannot be traced back to the original user. However, if we work on the original data, we ensure that no personal information of the user is published, i.e., we check the data manually to ensure that a dataset cannot be traced to a specific user unless the user has given permission.

Revoke Datasets

If we should not use the datasets submitted by you any further, please contact us via Email: cn.devprotect me ?!comnets.uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de.  Please give us the following details

  • Your name, ID or mail address you used to transmit the data
  • The approximate date and time when you transmitted data to us
  • The technology you used for the transmission (Mail, messenger)
  • The reason why you request the removal (for us to improve our apps)

We will ensure that your data is removed as quickly as possible from our database.