Communications Lab

Schedule & Location

Time: Tuesday 14:00 - 18:00 (only summer semester)

Room: S2291

Start: tba

Credits: ECTS: for MSc CIT: 3; für MSc IKT: 6; SWS: 2

Course number: 01-03-IKT2-P



Andreas Könsgen


Content Overview

The Communications Technology Laboratory is jointly organised by the Working Groups of Communication Engineering, Communication Networks and Microwave Engineering. All lab experiments conducted by ComNets take place in part II of the lab (in the summer semester) only.


Performance Analysis of Wireless LANs

In this experiment, the performance of wireless local area networks is examined, taking IEEE 802.11b as an example. In particular, it is investigated how the quality-of-service parameters (throughput, latency time and packet loss rate) depend on the distance between an access point and a mobile device and the resulting changes of the signal quality. The measurement results which are taken from a simulation as well as a real experiment are compared with each other.

Lab documents: tbd


Performance Analysis of TCP

In this experiment, the performance of TCP is measured by means of a simulation as a function of the connection speed, the delay and the packet loss rate. The results are compared with a theoretical model.


Bestimmung der Batterielebensdauer in Sensorknoten

(nur für die Vertiefungsrichtung lnformations- und Kommunikationstechnik)

In diesem Langzeitexperiment wird untersucht, wie sich bei Batterie betriebenen Sensorknoten die sich langsam erschöpfende Batterie auf den Betrieb von Sensorknoten auswirkt. Hierzu wird eine Übertragung zwischen einem Server und dem Sensorknoten aufgesetzt und der Zustand des Sensorknotens sowie erfolgte Übertragungen in einer Logdatei aufgezeichnet, die nach einer Woche ausgewertet wird.