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Topics for Projects

We are offering topics to interested Bachelor, Master and Diploma students from the area of simulation, communication networks, smart grid and many more. Currently open projects are given below, please click on the respective links to get a detailed description.

If you are interested and you are a student of University of Bremen, please mail us.

The student researcher job openings are generally open only for students of the University of Bremen. If you are interested in one of our student thesis topics and you are not a student of University of Bremen, please first contact Prof. Förster in her Zoom office hours, see the headline “Office hour Anna Förster” on the main page for the schedule.

ComNets student projects for Bachelor and Master students

Opportunistic Communication App

Simulators for Internet of Things and Wireless Sensor Networks

Smart Home Satisfaction Survey

Soil Moisture Dataset

Mobile Network Capacity

Practical Comparison of DTN Implementations

Connectors in OppNets

Evaluation of wireless link models in OppNet simulations

Communication and coordination between mobile robots for joint mapping

ComNets student jobs for Bachelor and Master students

Frontend Web Design

Python online learning course with gitbook

ComNets cooperations with other institutes — topics for Bachelor and Master students

Alfred-Wegener-Institut (AWI)

Development of a data acquisition unit for sea ice monitoring systems

Center of Applied Space Technology and Microgravity

Wireless Communication Technologies for the Moon and Mars Base Analog (MaMBA)

Cooperation with BIBA

Container-2-Container Communication Study