Jens Dede

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Dipl.-Ing. Jens Dede

Sustainable Communication Networks (ComNets)
University of Bremen
Otto-Hahn-Allee 1
28359 Bremen, Germany


Building NW1, Room S2280
Mail: jd@comnets...
Phone: +49 421 218 62379
Fax: +49 421 218 98 62379


Research Areas

  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Machine-to-Machine Communication
  • Opportunistic Communication Protocols

Useful Software and Projects

For additional projects and information, please check the ComNets Bremen github page.


Internet of Things (IoT)


A nice open source IoT book is available on GitHub: "IoT in 5 days: an easy guide to Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), IPv6 and the Internet of Things (IoT)"

Operating Systems


Contiki is one of the major operating systems for wireless sensor networks. The main webpage is, the source is available on github. It supports a variety of different hardware platforms like Z1 by Zolertia or OpenMotes.


RIOT is a new and upcoming operating system. Additional information can be found at At lot of information is available on github where you can find a wiki and the sourcecode.



We have a variety of different hardware platforms available at ComNets:

  • Zolertia Z1
  • Zolertia ReMote
  • OpenMote
  • TelosB
  • TI SimpleLink (CC2650)
  • ESP8266
  • Arduino
  • RaspberryPi
  • ...


Screencast / Project Videos

Students doing their Thesis at ComNets should provide a short video of their project results at the end of their work. One way is doing a screencast with some slides and programming actions. I can recommend the following software:

  • Kazam is an open source screencast software from the default Debian and Ubuntu repositories
  • Kdenlive is an open source video cutting software

For "real" videos, we can provide video equipment. So you can combine real world records and your software in one video.


How can I use contiki natively on Mac OS?

  • Install Mac Ports following the instructions here:
  • Install the required msp430 tools using this command: sudo port install msp430-gcc msp430-libc msp430mcu
  • create a diretory for sourcecode: mkdir ~/src
  • Change the directory: cd ~/src
  • Clone the contiki master: git clone
  • Enjoy contiki

Additional information:

Driver for the USB2Serial bridge:

Where do I find additional information for the Pretzelboard / NanoESP

Nice to know:

  • The main webpage is
  • The drivers are available here:
  • The module consists of an Arduino Nano and an ESP8266. The ESP is connected to the aruino using Port 11 and 12 using a software serial port
  • Settings in the Arduino IDE: "Arduino Nano", "ATMega328"

What is git? What is a Version Control System (VCS)?

A Version Control System (VCS) keeps track of sourcecode changes and helps to cooperate with different users. One very popular system it git ( which is for example used on github. It allows to use several repositories:

  • A local one where you push all the changes in your sourcecode. Using this repository, you can keep track of all changes and also revert some of them or go back to any earlier version of your code
  • One ore several remote repositories. Using them, you can publish your code and let others benefit from it. Others can also contribute and submit their code which you can integrate into your base.

Git is quite complex but well documented. To get in touch, please refer to

To keep everything in mind, some nice cheatsheets are available:

I haven't got your mail as I am not checking my mail address...

You should! This is your official address where all information regarding your studies are sent to. If you don't want to check the mails manually, you can do the following:

  • Setup you mail client (e.g. Thunderbird, Outlook) to collect the mails from the university account
  • Setup forwarding the mails to any other address. This option you will find in the ZFN Onlinetools named "Weiterleitung einrichten"

Please be aware that according to the terms of use by the ZFN, you are not allowed to enter your ZFN username and password for mail collection services as offered for example by GMX or Google!

I need some resources to learn [Linux|Bash|Programming|...]. Do you have any resources?

Here are some free example resources:

ComNets also offers a kind of a hands-on Python course available on github: