Political Science Bachelor (Optional for Teacher Training)

This course of study is aimed at all those who wish to study political science in combination with another subject for a teaching profession. German language proficiency is required!

The two-subject bachelor's degree with the professional aim of becoming a teacher at grammar schools/high schools (GY/OS) involves enrolling in a second subject in addition to Political Science. Both subjects are studied to the extent of 60 CP, plus modules on didactics, educational science and practical phases at school.

Starting in the winter semester 2019/20, the Teacher Training Bachelor of Political Science will be renamed „Politics-Labor-Economy“ (Pol-Ar-Wi). This will be accompanied by the integration of a new module for the introduction to the professional and working world into the curriculum.

The programme (duration of study 6 semesters) introduces students to the basics of the classical subareas of Political Science (Political System of the Federal Republic of Germany, Political Theory, Comparison of Political Systems and European Integration, International Relations and Policy Analysis). In the process, not only factual knowledge is imparted in the sense of Politics, but students are introduced political science theories and methods, in order to explain and better understand politics in different political systems. In addition, there are modules in didactics/political education for student teachers. The BA GY/OS entitles students to apply for the Master of Education (M. Ed.). Only the completion of the M. Ed. qualifies for the preparatory service/internship (Referendariat), which is compulsory before employment in the teaching profession.

The interdisciplinary Center for Didactic Education in the Social Sciences (ZeDiS) is responsible for the implementation of the range of courses with regard to the teaching profession-specific modules. On the ZeDis homepage you will find more detailed information and an overview of all BA and M.Ed. teacher training courses with Political Science participation (incl. subject teaching/primary school and vocational schools) and their examination regulations.

For general information on the teaching structure at the University of Bremen and the school-specific subject combinations, please visit www.uni-bremen.de/lehramt.


Prof. Andreas Klee

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