Past Events

MAPEX workshop & user meeting - 3D Materials Analytics 2021

08 September 2021

Developed within the investigation area 3D Materials Analytics of the MAPEX-CF, this meeting aimed to connect researchers active or interested in the fields of x-ray microscopy and x-ray computed tomography. From engineering to biology, geology, and materials science, the one-day workshop and user meeting hosted around 30 participants from diverse research areas in a fully virtual environment.

Early career researchers were given the opportunity to present their work and also follow an outstanding introductory lecture about 3D X-ray microscopy and X-ray microtomography given by Dr. Wolf-Achim Kahl, displaying the know-how that MAPEX and MAPEX-CF can offer to the science community. The event was complemented by round-table discussions, which instigated the knowledge exchange between the participants further strengthening the commitment of the MAPEX and MAPEX-CF to connect researchers and bridge the gaps between scientific fields.

A complete list of contributions can be found in the workshop flyer.

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