Graduate Lecture

“Sustainable Energy: The Contribution of Photocatalysis and Photonics. Principles, Properties and Applications“ - Prof. Dr. Cecilia B. Mendive -Visiting professor at the University of Bremen-

Due to limited energy resources of the planet, maximizing the potential use of solar light turns into a pressing need to meet the increasing demand. Thus, the synthesis and preparation of visible light photocatalysts is an undoubtedly interesting challenge not only from the fundamental point of view, but also a technological issue.


Monday till Friday 18.9. - 29.9.2017, 8:15 to 9:45 in room NW2 C0300 (25th and 26th in C0290)


• General introduction and motivation
• Introduction to the band structure of semiconductors
• Conductors, insulators and semiconductors
• Semiconductors and currents
• Semiconductors and light
• The principle of photocatalysis
• Titanium dioxide and its multiple applications
• Band gap tuning, methods and mechanisms
• A case study: “The deaggregation mechanism”
• Monte Carlo simulations for uncertainties estimations
• Introduction to photonic crystals
• The Maxell Equations and the theta operator
• Comparisons with quantum mechanics
• Photonic crystals and semiconductors
• Photonic photocatalysis: Slow photons

Prof. Dr. Cecilia B. Mendive

Laboratory of Photonic Photocatalysis
Department of Chemistry
Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences
National University of Mar del Plata
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Prof. Dr. Cecilia B. Mendive
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